Friday, December 15, 2006

Anthropology: Fleetwood Mac in Buffalo

I'm probably in a small minority of people who got into Fleetwood Mac through what's essentially a remix. Pardon my ignorance, but I thought that Stevie Nicks was an up-and-coming singer and "Dreams" was just a sharp collaboration. On the bright side, the strength of the track induced me to give a listen to Rumours, which has a more or less indisputable mythical status as far as albums go. Even my indie-centric ears found an the upside to the work, and I should probably give their other material a go. Incidentally, Fleetwood's Lindsey Buckingham released an album recently as well.

The band's last release was Say You Will, and this was one of the first stops on their subsequent tour. The set was recorded at the HSBC Arena, home of the mighty Sabres, on May 13th, 2003.


1. The Chain
2. Dreams
3. Eyes of the World
4. Peacekeeper
5. Second Hand News
6. Say You Will
7. Never Going Back Again
8. Rhiannon
9. Come Intro
10. Come
11. Gypsy
12. Big Love
13. Landslide
14. Say Goodbye
15. What's The World Coming To
16. Beautiful Child
17. Gold Dust Woman
18. I'm So Afraid
19. Silver Springs
20. Tusk
21. Stand Back
22. Go Your Own Way
23. World Turning
24. Band Intros
25. Don't Stop
26. Goodbye Baby

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Matt said...

Your comment about Stevie Nicks reminded me of something my other half once said. We met a friend who said she'd just been to see "The Doors" (the film). The comment was "were they good?"

Almost forgot....the Fleetwood Mac mp3's are all size 0bytes!

Roland said...

Weird...they weren't working on another computer, but now they are. Can you guys download them?

matt said...

ok now, thanks.

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