Thursday, October 12, 2006

The City Consumes Us: Stellastarr* Live

Stellastarr*, like many of their like-minded peers, are indebted to their influences. As I'm blissfully ignorant to most of the copious name-dropping that occurs, I'm content to listen to them on their own merits. While it's perhaps overtly moody at times, I occasionally have a taste for the (melo)dramatic.

Since two Coachella sets are better than one, here's the recording of their set, also from April 30th of this year.


1. Lost In Time
2. Jenny
3. A Million Reasons
4. Sweet Troubled Soul
5. The Diver
6. The Walls
7. Love and Longing
8. On My Own
9. My Coco
10. Pulp Song

Dive Deeper: Here

In other news...

The freak accident involving Yankees pitcher Corey Lidle has been a rather prominent story. Hopefully it contextualizes the frivolity of pursuing a silly trophy at the expense of everything else; not everyone can look forward to next season.

The Rangers play the Penguins tonight.

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