Monday, October 30, 2006

Hadean Rocks: Mogwai at Maida Vale

Mogwai are yet another good band from Scotland, combining an aural guitar assault with occasional vocals. I don't really get this whole "post-rock" tag, especially when a completely different band such as Stereolab shares it. In any case, I wouldn't really call it post- anything; rather, their sound evokes a primordial atmosphere, almost a soundtrack to an archaic earth, with its heaving volcanos and dense, dusty atmosphere. For that reason, "space-rock" seems more appropriate. Speaking of sountracks, Mogwai's releasing their Zidane work this week. (Insert obligatory headbutting reference here.) a tune a day has a sample.

This set was recorded at the BBC's Maida Vale Studios and broadcast on May 22nd, 2003.


1. Hunted By A Freak
2. Kids Will Be Skeletons
3. Killing All The Flies
4. Stop Coming To My House
5. Golden Porsche
6. Ratts of the Capital
7. I Know Who You Are But What Am I?
8. Helicon 1

Happy Songs for Happy People: Here

In other news...

B(oot)log has the Dears on MPR; I have a linking disorder.

Mew recently performed on the Late Late Show; YouTube footage has surfaced. They'll be playing at the Bowery Ballroom as part of CMJ, but getting in might be daunting.

Not only is tomorrow the start of the aforementioned CMJ, but it's also Halloween. I've got something special planned, so stay tuned.

The Rangers are in LA tonight.

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