Tuesday, October 10, 2006

He Plays He: Four Tet in Melbourne

And the electronica continues to insinuate itself. I initially heard of Four Tet, as seems to be the case with many artists, via Bloc Party's excellent Silent Alarm Remixed. He's quite a musical chameleon, evolving from gentle, pastoral "folktronica" to a darker, edgier sound, both of which are present in the following recording. He's done a great deal of remixing, the aforementioned Bloc Party, as well as Radiohead, Aphex Twin and others. He's also compiled a DJ-Kicks and collaborated with Prefuse 73 and, recently, Steve Reid.

This set was recorded by PBS 106.7 FM at the Spanish Club in Melbourne, Australia, on January 20th, 2006. Apparently it was up at the official site, but has since been taken down, which seems wasteful.


1. A Joy
2. Sun Drums and Soil
3. Hands
4. Spirit Fingers
5. Everything Is Alright
6. Turtle Turtle Up
7. Smile Around The Face
8. She Moves She
9. Sleep Eat Food Have Visions

Everything Economic: Here

In other news...

(Because, as with electronica, blogging is no fun without connections.)

I recently discovered Good Weather For Airstrikes, a fantastic blog with exclusive mp3s, entertaining writing and, best of all, a mixtape series. Definitely give it a look.

The Rangers play the second half of a home-and-home with the Flyers at the Garden tonight. Unsurprisingly, I can't watch it, but I'll probably be listening. If the Blueshirts can induce me to actually use my FM/AM dial for more than an alarm clock, so be it.

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