Sunday, October 01, 2006

Recollect: Massive Attack at Royal Albert Hall

With the beginning of a new month comes a new era of blogging. My friend Ben Goodman was awesome enough to set up a server for me, so no more expiring links! I can't thank him enough for this; I'll do my best to upload music worthy of the space. I'll also go back and reload the past content, and if there's anything you need, just let me know below ('cause...y'know, people are actually doing that now).

Massive Attack are synonymous of the genre trip-hop, a label that is lacking in describing the sensual, nocturnal essence that is their music. It's really incredible stuff. They're playing a three night stand next week at Roseland Ballroom, the venue in which fellow tripsters Portishead (more on them later) recorded their live album. It should be a fantastic show, with vocalists Liz Fraser and Deborah Miller present. I'll be in attendance on Wednesday of what should be a ridiculous week of concert-going (and, alas, frantic essay-writing). For now, here's an rather comprehensive set recorded at Royal Albert Hall in London, England on July 6th, 1998.


1. Angel
2. Risingson
3. Man Next Door
4. Daydreaming
5. Teardrop
6. Karmacoma
7. Hymn of the Big Wheel
8. Eurochild
9. Spying Glass
10. Mezzanine
11. Safe From Harm
12. Heat Miser
13. Inertia Creeps
14. Unfinished Sympathy
15. Group Four

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