Friday, October 20, 2006

Of Montreal: The Stills in London

The Stills have one foot in the indie rock of Canada (and NYC) and the other steeped in ubiquitous British new wave influence. The word Interpolesque comes to mind, but the Stills seem to have shed the gloom in favor for a more organic sound in the recent Without Feathers. I'm particularly enamored with "Baby Blues," a duet with Emily Haines.

Here's the band, circa Logic Will Break Your Heart, recorded at the Electric Ballroom in London on September 14th, 2004.


1. Intro
2. Lola Stars and Stripes
3. Gender Bombs
4. Changes Are No Good
5. Of Montreal
6. Love and Death
7. Fevered
8. Ready For It
9. Animals and Insects
10. Still In Love Song
11. Killer Bees
12. Yesterday Never Tomorrows

Oh Shoplifter: Here

In other news...

Wow, I really dropped the ball on this one. The CMJ Music Marathon is coming up, but unfortunately some of the more prominent shows are sold out. (Speaking of sold out shows, I really should've gotten tickets for The Knife as well, bummer.) You can view the ob-scene list of performers here.

Anyways, I plan on making the most of what's left. I've professed my love of Straylight Run, and look forward to their show at the Knitting Factory. Silversun Pickups will be back in town, as well as CSS, although the latter seems to be obscured The Shins. Tangent: The blogosphere is buzzing about their new album, which has leaked. Listen pending. Asobi Seksu and Kate Havnevik (of Röyksopp collaboration) are esoterically exciting as well. If you're in the area, definitely take advantage of the insanity.

The Rangers are in Toronto tonight. I vaguely recall something about a World Series starting.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for The Stills. very cool.

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