Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lovely 2 C U: Goldfrapp Black Sessions

Goldfrapp is playing at Roseland Ballroom this evening, but academic circumstances prevent me from attending. They've just released a remix album, We Are Glitter, yesterday. It features reworkings by our friends Múm, the DFA, and others. As I've said, one of the things I find so enjoyable about electronica is the numerous connections and collaborations between artists. Even before the band formed, Alison appeared on the Tricky track, "Pumpkin," as well as in Orbital's "Sad But True" and "Are We Here?"

Here are their Black Sessions, recorded on April 21st, 2003. Unfortunately, it lacks material from Supernature, but still makes for a good listen.


1. Lovely Head
2. Human
3. Crystalline Green
4. Train
5. Tiptoe
6. Twist
7. Slippage
8. Strict Machine
9. Utopia
10. Black Cherry

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In other news...

Good Weather For Airstrikes has a Regina Spektor concert, and lots of other goodies, here. Respekt!

Watch "Us:" Here

This is my 50th post, which is frightening and exciting at the same time.

The Mets try to avoid elimination tonight; the Rangers try to start up a win streak.

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