Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Remodel: Editors Live & Acoustic

Editors are more than simply faux-Interpol; they've got a distinctly somber and moody sound that's all their own. They do the danceable post-punk thing quite well, but are similarly adapt at the sparse ballad. They've also released a tremendous number of b-sides, remixes and rare material, a veritable blogger's delight.

Here's a short but sweet live, acoustic set they did. Without the driving percussion, you really get a sense of the melancholy melody that's present in each of the songs.


1. All Sparks
2. Bullets
3. Someone Says
4. Munich
5. Road To Nowhere

Brit Disko: Here

In other news...

Silversun Pickups are doing an in-store at Other Music tonight at 7 pm. If you're in the area (15 East 4th Street, NYC), check 'em out; admission's free. Incidentally, as Brooklyn Vegan noted, the "Other" might be obsolete in the wake of Tower Records' demise.

Watch "Well Thought Out Twinkles": Here

The Village Voice also has a review of Massive Attack's recent Roseland performance.

The Rangers lost last night to the Flyers 4-2. Thanks to chem, I neither saw nor heard the game, but Brendan Shanahan is looking like a nice pickup already. Happily, it looks like Joe Torre will remain a Yankee.

Hopefully, I'll be back shortly with pictures from the in-store. Until then...

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