Thursday, October 26, 2006

True Mathematics: Metric in Ottawa

As previously mentioned, Metric kicks off their European tour tonight. This marks the fifth post featuring Emily Haines, and I suppose it'd be justifiable to say that I'm a wee bit obsessive. What makes this somewhat ironic is that my first encounter with the band, via Live It Out, didn't really do anything for me the first time through. I still find their earlier work to be more accessible, but LIO's grown on me. Hopefully, the band will be back in town soon.

This set was recorded at Capital Music Hall in Ottawa on March 4th, 2006. The extended closer "Dead Disco" is pretty crazy.


1. Live It Out
2. Glass Ceiling
3. Wet Blanket
4. Too Little Too Late
5. Poster of a Girl
6. Patriarch on a Vespa
7. Ending Start
8. Monster Hospital
9. Handshakes
10. The Police and the Private
11. On a Slow Night
12. Hustle Rose
13. Combat Baby
14. Banter
15. Dead Disco
16. Outro

Credit Cards Accelerate, Accumulate: Here

In others news...

Coincidentally, Chromewaves is giving away the new Emily Haines, and i (heart) music has her recent CBC recording.

Good Weather For Airstrikes has extensive info on Bloc Party's upcoming album, with samples.

Watch "Banquet:" Here

I ended up seeing the Rangers last night, and everything was great except for the game itself. They looked out of rhythm.


rgsc said...

Hey Roland,
Thanks for stopping by my site - that is a helluva blog you have there - eclectic, mostly live stuff with tons of CanCon? Just my cup o' tea. I have added you to my 'roll and you can be sure I will stop by frequently.

Roland said...

Thanks for stopping by here as well!

Anonymous said...

Any chance you can get the Dead Disco file up again? Saw them at Bluesfest and their extenda-version blew my mind.

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