Friday, October 06, 2006

Soundspeed: Boards of Canada @ Warp10

As previously mentioned, I enjoy electronica quite a bit, even if it's not necessarily the most prevalent genre featured here. While electropop, a la Ladytron, is my first love, there's something very interesting about less traditionally structured music. Boards of Canada, while actually Scottish, has a cryptic, somewhat bizarre sound, with a rather substantial amount of references. Although it is perhaps an acquired taste, their work has been very well-received, going as far as to appear in Jaguar commercials, a la Spoon. (And fueling my esoteric puns, eh?)

Here's a rare live set they did at Warp10, their label's anniversary party. It was recorded on November 5th, 1999.


1. Zoetrope
2. Happy Cycling
3. The Color of the Fire
4. Telephasic Workshop / The Smallest Weird Number
5. Aquarius
6. Unknown
7. Unknown

Music Is Math: Here

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